The Eppen Asia Private Company Limited Successfully Passed FAMI-QS System Supervision and Audit


On June 14, 2019, the European Union FAMI-QS Center entrusted Beijing Huasi Lian Certification Center to conduct the first supervision and audit on FAMI-QS (European Quality Management System for Feed Additives and Premixtures) certified by Eppen Asia Private Company Limited. Nie Jianxin, Vice President of the Eppen Company and general manager of Eppen Asia Private Company, Tie Yong, the general manager of Animal Nutrition Department, Song Yanyan, manager of International Sales Department, and head of Audit Department attended the meeting.

The audit started on June 14 and lasted two days. The audit expert, Mr. Xu, audited six functional departments of the Eppen Asia Private Company by consulting documents, tracking SAP system, product processes, and communication interviews. He also conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with the leaders of the Eppen Asia Private Company. The auditors said that the Eppen Asia Private Company relies on Ningxia Eppen Bio-tech Company Limited and plays two roles, that is to say, it can directly use the base department to improve the organizational structure and responsibilities of the trading company. At the same time, the FAMI-QS management system of the Eppen Asia Private Company is adequate and appropriate, the document management process is orderly and all under control and the operation yields are effective and meets the standard.

Finally, on behalf of the Eppen Asia Private Company, Song Yanyan, the manager of the International Sales Department, thanked the auditors for their hard work, sincerely accepted the non-conformity items proposed by the auditors and actively cooperated for the correction. Li Shuyan, the manager of the Quality Control Department, said that it would continuously improve and perfect the system planning, construction and safety control, so as to manage FAMI-QS for the Eppen Asia Private Company and make contribution to the system construction.