Jin Lin Men Organic Fertilizer

[Product features]

Pure grain fermentation, green and environment-friendly: The product uses corn fermentation liquor as raw material, and has no residue of harmful substances such as pathogenic bacteria, eggs, grass seeds, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and the like, and the source is pure.  After application, it can be completely degraded in soil quickly, and it is safe and pollution-free when taken from plants and applied to plants.

Spray granulation, suitable for machine seeding: The product adopts unique four-effect evaporation technology, forging at 400℃ and flash evaporation, resulting in round, uniform and high hardness particles, which can be widely used for machine seeding.

A variety of amino acids, improve crop quality: The product is rich in more than 10 kinds of amino acids, which is very conducive to plant protein synthesis, increase plant chlorophyll content, improve enzyme activity, promote photosynthesis, thus increasing the content of Vc and sugar, and can effectively improve the quality of agricultural products and increase yield.

Organic OBI fertilizer, high fertilizer efficiency utilization rate: All organic nutrients of the product come from corn, extracted from plant sources, well absorbed by crops, and high fertilizer efficiency utilization rate.

High-efficiency sulfur element, disease-resistant nitrogen fixation: The product contains sulfur element, which can significantly improve the disease resistance of crops. At the same time, sulfur element also has a fixed effect on nitrogen element in soil, which has significant effects on improving crop metabolism, increasing crop quality, etc.

Balancing acid and alkali, activating soil: Organic matter and active humic acid contained in the product can eliminate soil hardening, improve soil permeability, balance soil pH, activate fixed nutrients in the soil, and improve soil fertility.

[Specifications]40kg 50kg 

[Product case]

Apple growers in Xiaowadi 3rd team, Baishui County, Shaanxi Province applied Jin Lin Men organic fertilizer respectively during the period of recovery and fruit tree expansion by adopting Jin Lin Men organic fertilizer. In 2017, the incidence rate of diseases such as fruit tree mosaic disease and mosaic leaf disease will decrease by about 80%. The leaves of fruit trees will be thick and green, and the trees will flourish. The yield per mu will be increased by more than 500 kg compared with previous years.