R27- semi-dull PA56 chips

Product Properties

Colorless transparent or porcelain white particles; White filament, polymerized by high-purity PA 56 crystal.

Molecular Formula】HO-[OC(CH2)4COHN(CH2)5NH]n

Product Specification

It can be produced to PA 56 chips with viscosity range of 2.6-3.3, bright, semi-dull and dull.

Quality Standards

Executive Standard:Q/HYPX 003-2020
Test Item
Grade Target
Test Data
Amino end group(meq/kg)
Yellow Index
Relative Viscosity
Moisture Content%

Product Characteristics

1、Moisture absorption and quick drying to improve fabric comfort
The moisture absorption and moisture discharge performance of PA56 as clothing fabric is 1.5 times as that of PA 66 and 2 times as that of PA 6.

2、Excellent wear resistance
The wear resistance of PA56 is 10 times higher than that of cotton, 20 times higher than wool and 50 times higher than viscose fiber。Adding PA56 to the blended fabric can greatly improve its wear resistance, prolong its service life and reduce its use cost.

3、Excellent elasticity
The elastic recovery of PA 56 is better than that of PA 66, which is much higher than that of polyester. When stretched to 3 ~ 6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%.  It can be blended with wool or cotton to improve the wrinkle resistance of the fabric. When applied in carpet, it has better fatigue resistance and lodging resistance,instead of polyester.

4、Good flame retardancy and easy coloring
PA56 is non flammable and has superior flame retardant performance compared with similar products; PA 56 is easy to dye, fixation and high color fastness.

5、Environmental friendly
Due to the increasingly severe climate change and sustainable development needs in the world, PA 56 has attracted extensive attention from the upstream and downstream textile industry chain because of its 48% bio base content and it has the conception of low-carbon and environmental protection. Bioamylenediamine uses corn as raw material, and the renewable carbon content is 100%. The carbon emission of nylon 56 produced with amylenediamine is more than 50% lower than that of traditional PA 6 and PA66.

Product Description
PA56 crystal is produced from PDA and adipic acid. PA 56 chips produced by polymerization can be widely used in spinning、fabric fields (Civil and military) and engineering plastics.

(1)Military Field
Combat protection series: it can be used for combat protective clothing、field carrying equipment and sleeping bags、field tents、parachutes、weapons and equipment camouflage nets and ropes. Training clothing series: it can be used for training clothing、physical training clothing、shoes and boots、cold proof clothing etc.

(2)Civil Field
Suitable for all kinds of clothing, footwear material, non-woven fabric, carpet, home textile home decoration and so on