BETER Soil Conditioner

The product uses grain fermentation liquor as raw material, and contains organic matter and active humic acid, which has good improvement effect on soil hardening, salinization and desertification, it can keep water and fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.

[Product features]

Biological fermentation acid, strong saline-alkali resistance: The product uses corn fermentation liquor as raw material, and has no residual harmful substances such as pathogenic bacteria, eggs, grass seeds, hormone antibiotics, heavy metals, etc., and has pure source and strong acidity, which can strongly improve saline-alkali environment.

Spray granulation, suitable for machine seeding: The product adopts unique four-effect evaporation technology, forging at 400℃ and flash evaporation, resulting in round, uniform and high hardness particles, which can be widely used for machine seeding.

Various amino acids, increase chlorophyll: The product is rich in more than 10 kinds of amino acids, which is very beneficial to plant protein synthesis, increase plant chlorophyll content, improve enzyme activity, and promote photosynthesis, thus increasing the content of Vc and sugar, effectively improving the quality of agricultural products and increasing yield.

Bring your own organic nitrogen, lose weight and reduce costs: The product comes from corn fermentation liquor, and has a large amount of organic nitrogen, plant source, high absorption rate of crops and long-lasting fertilizer effect. After use, it can greatly reduce the amount of traditional nitrogen fertilizer such as urea and reduce the cost of fertilizer.

High-efficiency sulfur element and improve quality: The product contains sulfur element, which can significantly improve the disease resistance of crops. Meanwhile, sulfur element also has a fixing effect on nitrogen in soil, and has significant effects on improving crop metabolism, increasing crop quality and other aspects.

Active organic matter, loosening soil and retaining water and fertilizer: Organic matter and active humic acid contained in the product can eliminate soil hardening, improve soil permeability, enhance soil fertility, retain water and fertilizer.

[Product case]

Huangyangtan Farm in Yongning County of Ningxia is located in the alluvial flat area in front of Donglu mountain in Helan mountain. The soil type is mainly chernozem and sand, and the surface soil is mostly sandy loam.  The natural fertility of the land is lower, the organic matter content is less than 0.6%, the pH value of the soil is 8.1. Since the end of the previous year, Mr.Li, a major grape grower, has applied 5 bags of fibrate soil conditioner per mu. After two years of conditioning, the organic matter content of the soil has increased to 1%, the pH value has decreased to 7.4, the average yield of grapes per mu has increased by 5%, and the sugar content has increased by 3%. The yield and quality of grapes have been greatly improved.