BETER Amino Acid Containing Water Soluble Fertilizer

Product features

Rich nutrition and multiple effects: It is produced with modern techniques including fermentation, concentration and chelation. It is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, iron, zinc, amino acid, peptone, fulvic acid, nucleic acid, enzyme, natural growth promoting factor, etc.

High-quality raw materials are easy to absorb: The product is derived from natural products and has high activity, easy absorption and quick effect. It can promote the metabolism of crops and strengthen the growth and development of crops.

Rooting, strengthening seedlings and strengthening roots: Effectively promote plant cell division, enhance root tip cell activity, accelerate root development, and significantly improve root rot symptoms such as yellow root, rotten root and black root.

Promoting flowering and fructify and promoting quality: Enhancing photosynthesis, accelerating chlorophyll synthesis, promoting germination and differentiation, increasing fruit setting rate and fruit swelling rate.  Expand the beautiful shape of fruit, increase sugar content and improve crop quality.

Improving soil to raise low temperature resistance: Balance soil microorganisms, promote formation of soil aggregate structure, enhance soil permeability, inhibit soil hardening, continuous cropping and heavy metal hazards, maintain water, fertilizer and ground temperature, and effectively resist ground temperature freeze injury.