Corn Spraying Husk

Feature】Yellow or light brown debris, no caking, no smelling

Quality standard

Standard:Q/YPS 013-2018
Crude protein ,%≥18.0
Crude fiber, %≤15.0

Features of the product

Eppen Corn Spraying Husk is a protein-rich and cellulose-rich product which extract from northwest high quality maize, with the process of steeping, degerming, grinding, gluten separation and condensing the gluten liquid, drying it. Corn Spraying Husk is a kind of  sprayed amino acid, sugar, vitamin, salt and other contents on the corn husk, guarantee the full absorption of the animal gastrointestinal tract, promote metabolism, and is widely used as animal feed.

Specifications】 50kg

Shelf-life】 9 months

Storage and transport】Stored in cool, dry, airy and pollution-free in-door place. Prevent from rain and sunshine. Keep away from poisonous, harmful and mordant materials during transportation and storage. In the process of transportation, avoid rain and sun, with no toxic, hazardous, corrosive substances mixed.