Corn Embryo

【Feature】Yellow or light yellow debris, allow husk, no smelling

【Quality standard】

Standard:Q/YPS 002-2018
Crude fat,%≥40.0
Crude protein,%≤13.0

【Features of the product】 

Corn Embryo also called corn germ, which has high nutrition. The oil content of Eppen corn embryo is more than 40%, protein is about 13%, and starch is about 12%. It is mainly used to made oil that is essential fatty acid human body needed.

【Specifications】 40kg

【Shelf-life】9 months

【Storage and transport】Stored in cool, dry, airy and pollution-free in-door place. Prevent from rain and sunshine. Keep away from poisonous, harmful and mordant materials during transportation and storage. In the process of transportation, avoid rain and sun, with no toxic, hazardous, corrosive substances mixed.