Glutamic Acid Single Cell Protein(SCP)

Feature】Gray or grey brown powder with small granule, no caking, no smelling

Quality standard

Standard:Q/YPS 014-2018
Crude protein ,%≥60.0
Crude ash,%≤10.0
Ammonium, %≤2.0

Features of the product

Eppen glutamic acid has more than 60% crude protein, and water fewer than 14%. It is the product which is metabolized from micro-organisms of fermentation process. This product is made from separating and drying of the other amino acid, protein,and ribose, nucleic acid polypeptide, sugar and other materials.

Nutritional value

1. It has varieties of amino acid, vitamins and growth factor; it can be used to feed breeding hens, breeding ducks, layer hens, pigs, fishes. It's a kind of concentrate protein feed in livestock breeding.
2. To improve the utilization of feed, promote the growth of livestock and poultry. Increase the survival rate and growth rate of livestock and poultry. It is one of the effective ways to solve the shortage of protein..


Shelf-life】24 months

Storage and transport】Stored in cool, dry, airy and pollution-free in-door place. Prevent from rain and sunshine. Keep away from poisonous, harmful and mordant materials during transportation and storage. In the process of transportation, avoid rain and sun, with no toxic, hazardous, corrosive substances mixed.