Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Heilongjiang Base in 2019


1.     Company Profile

Heilongjiang Yilin biotechnology CO., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningxia Yilin biotechnology CO., LTD., was established in May 2017 with the legal representative of Yan xiaolong and registered capital of 250,000 yuan. The company plans to invest 6.8 billion yuan in two phases to construct 1.8 million tons/year corn deep processing project in Geligeer industrial park located in Dumeng County, Daqing city. The project aims mainly in producing feed-grade L-lysine, L-threonine, corn by-products and nylon salt. The products of company continue to sell successfully in more than 30 provinces and more than 60 countries and regions abroad.

2. Company Honors

Through unremitting efforts, Heilongjiang base had developed into a modern biological manufacturing enterprise with regional competitive advantages and integrated production, education and research. The industrial chain was more complete, and the cost advantage was more obvious while the industry competitiveness was further improved. Besides, the internal and external marketing channels of company were integrated, and the operation efficiency was improved, and the customer experience was optimized. The company has been crowned as a governing company of Chinese corn fermentation association, a director enterprise of maize industry in Heilongjiang province, the director of food industry in Jilin area, the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Daqing city. The company also established the university-enterprise cooperation studies bases with Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, Daqing Normal University, and Northeast University of Petroleum.

3.     Business strategy

Relying on internal and external resources of headquarters, the company has established a corporate vision that being a leading provider of nutrition and health solutions around world by cooperation with Boston, Deloitte and other world-renowned consulting companies. The company aims to build a high-tech, efficient and high-quality value chain and establishes an international excellent brand guided by the most advanced biotechnology, worked with international operation as the platform, changed through business portfolio management and combination of light and heavy assets. The company has made clear the direction of future development, which is to transform from a producer of products to an enterprise strategy of “product plus service” provider. In the future, the company will continue to develop the mission that is “promote the industrial progress and create a better life.” In addition, the company is going to continue to promote the technological progress, resource-saving, environmental friendly characteristics of the competitive environment, leading and promoting the healthy and green development of the industry, to achieve the common happiness of enterprises, customers and employees.

4.     Product Research and Development

Relying on the strength of headquarters and external scientific research institutions, we keep the advanced thinking of creation and design, and continuously improve products and promote innovation and upgrading. First, we choice on process arrangement design of international leading technology, such as ceramic filter membrane, Nano filtration membrane filtration technology, in addition to bacteria, high-speed centrifuge technology, and continuous enrichment crystallization technique. The company ensures a clean extraction refining process to reduce the use of chemical raw materials, the choice of processing route for clean production of green environmental protection laid a foundation for cleaning produce. Secondly, the product diversity designing concept is arranged to meet the needs of customers. The product standards of low-content amino acids are researched and applied to expand the market space of low-content amino acids. High-purity materials can produce high-content products and low-purity materials can produce low-content products.

5.     Environmental protection

Since its establishment, the company has always paid attention to environmental protection. Yipin is one of the first batch of “pilot demonstration enterprises for promoting energy conservation and emission reduction through the integration of two chemical industries”, “resource-saving and environment-friendly” and “national demonstration enterprises” for circular economy of fermentation industry. We take the initiative in environmental governance, and earnestly practice the ecological philosophy that “clear water and green mountains are golden mountains.” Since the construction of the base in Heilongjiang province, a total of nearly 300 million yuan has been invested in the treatment of waste water, waste gas and peculiar smell. Domestic advanced and mature pollution treatment technology is adopted for comprehensive environmental treatment, in which the wastewater treatment technology is better than the industry, and the drainage index is far lower than the industry standard. Besides, boiler flue gas on the premise of meet current emissions standards to further improve processing efficiency, and low emission limit value is to meet the requirements. In terms of odor treatment, using the many kinds of treatment technology of each workshop unstructured focus after collection, we carry on the depth of exhaust governance, and governance effect significantly, not only improve the working environment, but also improve the surrounding environment. Finally, the company will continue to strengthen the comprehensive prevention and control of environmental pollution, implementing environmental protection policies, improving the level of environmental management, and achieve sustainable development of the company.

6.     Mutual Benefit for  Suppliers

The company shall earnestly safeguard and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the property owners and treat all property owners equally. Making good on promises of creditors, arranging corresponding creditor’s benefit safeguard measure. Purchasing director is responsible for the quality of suppliers and purchasing products, according to the requirements putting forward purchasing plan in time, with the approval of the step by step auditing after the signing of the purchase contract, and in accordance with the purchase contract to arrange product incoming goods inspection, finally according to the inspection results to calculate and deduct the impurities to ensure the quality of purchasing quantity in consistent with the purchase order. The company protects the legitimate rights and interests of suppliers and implements the strategic partnership of “win-win cooperation”. On this basis, in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality system, the company carries out the annual review of qualified suppliers for all suppliers, and also carries out contract review for corresponding procurement contracts to ensure that suppliers’ qualifications, suppling capacity and after-sales service meet our requirements. Obviously, the company also pays in strict accordance with the payment method agreed in the purchase contract, so as to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the supplier, and cooperate happily with the supplier, gaining the trust of the supplier and laying a more solid long-term cooperation foundation.

7. Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Health

The Company shall set up a full-time safety and environmental management department, which shall be in charge of environmental protection, occupational health and safety production, and shall be equipped with competent management personnel, who shall be fully engaged in safety and environmental protection work.

Actively carry out safety management, implementing and improving the company responsibility system for production safety, and earnestly performing the responsibilities of enterprise safety subjects. The company strictly implements the safety standardization each clause request, and guarantees the safety production, resolutely carries out the safe production work policy, “safety first, prevention primarily, comprehensive management.” Earnestly, we fulfill the requirements of “safety must be managed in production and safety must be managed in business”. The company has formulated various emergency plans and drills for safety accidents, requiring all departments and personnel to carry out emergency drills for fire control, safety and environmental protection awareness to improve the awareness of fire control, environmental protection and safety.

We implement environmental protection Strictly. The company has passed GB/T 24001-2004 environmental management system certification and strictly complied with relevant environmental protection laws and regulations. Every year, we invest funds for the optimization and improvement of waste water and waste gas environmental protection facilities and effective operation. According to relevant laws, regulations and requirements of the ecological protection bureau, making regular self-testing, and the company upload the monitoring results to the monitoring management system of polluters in Heilongjiang province for approval by the environmental protection bureau. In order to ensure that the emission data meet the standards, the company and the environmental protection bureau simultaneously purchased the corresponding monitoring instruments. The environmental protection commissioner regularly organized the production and technical personnel to conduct self-inspection every month, and cut the emission of waste gas and waste water treatment to meet the standards. Every year, we has hired qualified third-party agencies to conduct environmental monitoring and issue corresponding test reports. Meanwhile, the environmental protection bureau will also conduct supervision monitoring on our company from time to time.

We implement the occupational health and safety system Actively. The company has passed the GB/T 28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification and strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations for occupational health and safety requirements. The company organizes the occupational-disease-inductive post practitioners to join the medical test in qualified medical institutions, strictly implementing the staff and pre-departure occupational disease medical examination before mount guard, and establish, improving the occupational health practitioners surveillance archives.

8. Social Responsibility

The company adheres to operating in accordance with the law and in good faith, and consciously abides by laws and regulations, social ethics and business ethics. In our operations, we play an exemplary role in abiding by laws and regulations, social ethics, business ethics and industry rules, paying taxes on time and in full, faithfully fulfilling contracts, abiding by commercial credit and opposing unfair competition. We will also earnestly control the quality of products and improve the technical service level of products, and strive to provide high-quality, safe, scientific and reliable product technical service for the society. Obtaining the trust and recognition of the majority of customers, ensure production safety, and strive to provide a safe, healthy and hygienic working and living environment for employees, with ensuring occupational health of employees, abiding by laws and regulations, social ethics, business ethics and industry rules, saying no to illegal and negative information.

Opposing unfair competition, we put an end to corruption in commercial activities. Foreign companies by virtue of excellent products and technical services to win customer orders, the internal development of clean construction activities, all departments and employees involved in commercial activities, are signed a clean and self-discipline agreement, resolutely put an end to the corruption in commercial activities.

We have good faith and service, establishing good faith management, legal management philosophy, to promote the good faith management system. Company improves the staff’s good faith from moral category, promoting the importance of good faith to the enterprise survival and the significance of raising personal charm. We rule the employees from legal category for enterprise without good faith must also not law-abiding. Promoting enterprise honesty from the aspects of supervision, including the statistics for the performance of a contract, the customer pays a return visit.

The company advocates energy conservation and emissions reduction Actively, and actively participates in energy management agencies to advocate energy-saving emission reduction work, does a good job under the premise of low carbon environmental protection, to carry out the washing condensed water recycle project at first. Besides, putting-in-service proactively effect is remarkable. Realizing the comprehensive utilization of industry water breakthrough innovation, we can reduce operating costs 7 million yuan a year, and implements the social demonstration effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

Assuming social responsibilities and carrying out activities to send warmth. During the Spring Festival, the company warmed the front-line employees and sent fruits, milk and other comforts to them. Caring for employees or their family members with serious illness, we help from the company mutual fund, and call on employees to make voluntary contributions. The immediate family member of the employee passed away, and the condolence payment was 16,000 yuan. When company staff sick in hospital, we sent the condolences at once.


In hot summer days, the company launched the “send cool in summer” activities. In order to protect the health rights and interests of front-line employees, we promoted the improvement of production and office conditions, and ensured the safety of front-line employees during the summer. In July, the labor union of the company successively sent 88 electric fans, 15 refrigerators, 15 microwave ovens and anti-heat drinks to the workshop employees, which made the front-line employees deeply feel the company’s care.


 The company set up an employee mutual fund account in January 2018. At the beginning of each year, the company organized staff to collect donations, and at the same time, the company allocated the same amount for the serious illness relief of the employees’ families and set up “Yipin volunteer” service team. Initiated by the company, the “Yipin volunteer” service team composed of 239 people has carried out a series of activities, such as cleaning, poverty alleviation, and assistance to the surrounding poor villages. We had solved the urgent need of the surrounding people. At last, we devoted to spread devotion, love, mutual help, progress and altruism into daily life and work sincerely.