Jin Lin Men Brand Bio-organic Fertilizer

Jin Lin Men Brand Bio-organic Fertilizer is made of grain fermentation liquor and fermentation liquor of various amino acids as raw materials and refined by advanced technologies such as four-effect evaporation, spray granulation and chelation coating. It has comprehensive nutrients and rich nutrition.

[Product features]

Spray granulation, chelation coating and strong water solubility: The product uses a variety of amino acid fermentation liquor as raw materials, and uses unique four-effect evaporation technology to chelate beneficial bacteria in spore state to coat the periphery of the particles. The fertilizer particles are round shape, high in hardness and soluble in water, and can be sowed by machine, applied with water or irrigated with root.

The beneficial bacteria have strong propagation and promote the root system to resist continuous cropping: The company introduced the latest generation of original seed bacteria from the Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is easy to activate and has strong activity. It can quickly form flora advantages, form a protective layer around crop roots, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and thus reduce the harm of continuous cropping.

Rich in various amino acids, improving quality and enhancing efficiency: The product is rich in more than 10 amino acids, which is very beneficial to plant protein synthesis, increases plant chlorophyll content, improves enzyme activity and promotes photosynthesis, thus increasing the content of Vc and sugar, and effectively improving the quality of agricultural products and increasing yield.

The NPK content is high and the fertilizer effect is longer: The total content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is higher than 10%, which is better than the traditional biological fertilizer. It can effectively reduce the usage of traditional large chemical fertilizer and make the fertilizer effect longer.

High-activity compound bacteria, disease and insect resistance and antidote residue: Rapid propagation of beneficial bacteria can inhibit the survival of pathogenic microorganisms, degrade residues of fertilizer and pesticide in soil, and enhance the resistance of crops to adverse conditions such as diseases, low temperature, insect pests, drought, aging, etc.

[Speicifications]25kg 40kg

[Product case]

In October 2017, kiwifruit growers in Haiwode, Zhouzhi county, Shaanxi, applied 1 bag of balanced compound fertilizer per mu, 2 bags of Jin Lin Men bio-organic fertilizer and 3 bags of Jin Lin Men organic fertilizer in autumn. Kiwifruit has strong resistance, low temperature resistance, large and uniform fruit size and sweet taste, with an average yield of 8000 kg per mu, an increase of about 10% over previous years.