Yeast Culture (Suitable for Pigs and Poultry)

[Product introduction]

The product is formed by submerged fermentation of glucose, corn and its products, trace minerals (Ca, Mg, P) and other raw materials under the control of specific process conditions through probiotics such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  Through the metabolism of microbial flora, macromolecular nutrients in the raw materials are degraded and converted into easily digestible and absorbable nutrients such as bioactive small peptides, amino acids, mannan, organic acids, growth factors and the like, and also contain a large amount of active probiotics, metabolites etc.

[Features of the product]

1. Increase production and optimize the quality of animal products;
2. Promote food appetite, digestion and improve daily ration utilization rate;
3. Rich nutrition and stable quality, which can replace some protein raw materials in daily ration;
4. Improving gastrointestinal microecology, enhancing immunity, resisting stress, and promoting healthy growth of animals;
5. Reduce the emission of feces, feces and gas, reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases, and protect the environment.

Nutrition Index and Recommended Usage of Products

[Nutrition Index]


ItemIndex ItemIndex
Crude protein%≥25.0Organic acid%≥8.0
Amino acid%≥20.0Crude fat%≥8.0
Small peptide%≥6.5 Threonine%≥0.9
Mannan%≥0.6Crude ash%≤5.0
Total yeast cfu/g≥1.0×107 Bacterial liquid%≤12.0/≤38.0
Ca≤0.1Total phosphorus%≤1.0
 Remarkprotein, amino acid, small peptide, mannan and organic acid are measured on a dry basis.

[Recommended usage]

1. Pigs are fed with 4% dry matter in the diet with the best effect.
2. Poultry are fed with 6% dry matter in the diet with the best effect.
3. Meanwhile, the usage amount of other protein raw materials in the daily ration can be correspondingly reduced.