Corn Gluten Meal

【Feature】Yellow or light yellow powder with small granule

【Quality standard】

Standard:Q/YPS 001-2018
Crude protein ,%≥60

Features of the product】

Eppen Corn Gluten Meal is a protein-rich product which extract from northwest high quality maize, with the process of steeping, separating, drying separation and condensing the gluten liquid, drying it. The protein content of Eppen Corn Gluten Meal reaches as high as 60% and tasty.

【Nutritional value】
1. It has natural pigment-xanthophyll which can be efficiently absorbed by hens and deposited on their skin that helps the hen to have yellow skin and golden eggs. Hens cannot synthesise by themselves and can only abosrb from the feed.
2. As feed grade protein, Corn Gluten Meal has high protein and can replace bean cake and fish meal, thus save the cost.
3. Corn Gluten Meal has linoleic acid which can improve metabolism of the hen and promote the polymerization of amino acid. 

【Specifications】 50kg

【Shelf-life】12 months

【Storage and transport】Stored in cool, dry, airy and pollution-free in-door place. Prevent from rain and sunshine. Keep away from poisonous, harmful and mordant materials during transportation and storage. In the process of transportation, avoid rain and sun, with no toxic, hazardous, corrosive substances mixed.