Product Introduction: Erythritol is a crystal product obtained by fermentation, refining and crystallization of glucose converted from corn using biological fermentation technology.

[Molecular formula] C4H10O4

[Molecular weight] 122.12

[Product specification] 25kg/bag

[Physical and chemical properties]
Its appearance is white crystalline granule or crystalline powder, its sweetness is about 60-70% of sucrose, solubility in water is 37% (25°), slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. Melting point is119-123℃ and boiling point is 331℃.

[Product Features]
Erythritol is very low in calories and has a cool feeling. It basically does not cause fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar levels. It is non-caries and can promote the proliferation of intestinal bifidobacteria, so it is not used by most intestinal non-beneficial bacteria. Stable to acid, heat and also no Maillard reaction.

Sensory requirements
ItemRequirementsTesting Method
ColourWhiteTake an appropriate amount of samples and place them in a clean and dry white porcelain dish, observe their color and state under natural light, and taste them.
StatusCrystalline powder or particle

Physical and chemical properties
ItemSpecificationTesting Method
Erythritol,w/%99.5~100.5A3  in  Appendix A
Loss on Drying,w/%≤0.2GB 5009.3 Direct Drying Method
ignition residue,w/%≤0.1A4  in  Appendix A
reducing sugar,w/%≤0.3A5  in  Appendix A
Ribosomes and glycerols (on dry basis),w/%≤0.1A6  in  Appendix A
铅(Pb)/(mg/kg)≤1GB 5009.12
a Drying temperature and time are 105℃ and 4h respectively

【Test chart of mouthfeel】