Minglan Monosodium Glutamate (Family Package)

[Chemical formula] C5H8NNaO4.H2O

[Product feature] Colorless to white crystal, white and bright, transparent

[Product description] Starch is used as raw material, refined by sugar making and fermentation

[Storage and transportation] Cool, dry, ventilated and pollution-free

[Shelf-life] 36 months

[Specifications] 100g  200g  400g  1.0kg  2.0kg

[Quality standard]

Standard:GB 8967/2007

Sodium glutamate,%


Light transmittance,%


Specific rotation,[a]

+24.9* ~+25.3*



Total arsenic,(mg/kg)






1. Extracted from corn: select high-quality corn, (Select high-quality corn grown in the all-natural ecological base at 45 degrees north latitude), abundant sunshine with large temperature difference between day and night, the corn absorbs the energy from the sky and the earth.

2 .Crystal transformation technology: adopting the world's leading alpha crystal transformation technology, effectively reducing salt ions and pigments in monosodium glutamate, making monosodium glutamate reach the top purity, crystal clear and safer to eat.

3. Full-product monitoring: strict implementation of total quality management, collection, testing and production of resources and materials until they are finally put on the shelves, and every link is strictly monitored, so the crystal quality is more assured.

4.No whitening agent, essence or preservative.

The better raw material is selected from the better place
The gold planting belt in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, with sufficient sunshine, pure air and unique climate environment, has bred every high-quality corn with golden color, full grains and compact shape.

Innovating traditional craft
About 100 years ago, people extracted monosodium glutamate from seaweed. 80 years ago, people used hydrolysis to produce monosodium glutamate, 13 years ago, Eppen people innovated to use corn as raw material, using microbial fermentation technology to produce monosodium glutamate, the content is as high as 99.0%, natural flavor, natural health!

The source of the best cooking taste
Sodium glutamate is the core component of compound seasoning, is the source of the fresh taste of the kitchen, gently a spoonful of EPPEN corn monosodium glutamate, turn off the fire and sprinkle into the pot, finall the fresh taste directly cover your face!