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Shi Ji 'an, member of the Standing Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Congress, and his party visited the company for investigation.


On the afternoon of August 7, 2019, Shi Ji 'an, member of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Congress Standing Committee, deputy director of the National People's Congress Finance Committee, director of the Standing Committee Finance Committee, accompanied by Wang Xiaodong, leaders of Chifeng City Deputy Mayor, Huang Yanfeng, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director, Liu Wenxin, Municipal People's Congress Finance Committee Chairman, Cao Zhiyong, Yuanbaoshan district Deputy Chief, about 20 people visited our company for research. The research was received by Yanxiaolin, the company's general manager.

Shi Ji 'an and his party led the investigation to understand the circular economy and high-quality development situation of enterprises.  First of all, they listened to general manager Yan Xiaolin's introduction to the development in the company's cultural exhibition hall, mainly focusing on the company's development process, project investment, product output and sales volume since its construction.  During this period, member Shi Ji 'an and general manager Yan Xiaolin had in-depth communication and discussion on the sales volume of the company's products in 2019.

At last, Director Shi gave his expectation and affirmation to the development of the company and shook hands with General Mr.Yan. General Yan also sincerely invited Director Shi and his party to visit the company again to guide the work.