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The company ceremoniously held 2019 corporate culture practice sharing and commendation conference


From 13: 40 to 18: 30 on July 27, the company held the 2019 corporate culture practice sharing and commendation conference in Inner Mongolia base gymnasium.  Chairman Yan Xiaoping led the senior management team of Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and their subsidiaries, specially invited Wang Bingzhong, Secretary of Yuanbaoshan District Committee of Chifeng City, Wangyong, District Chief, and other guests, management personnel above the deputy director of the company, off-duty shift supervisors/key employees, and recognized outstanding personnel. A total of more than 1,200 people attended the meeting, which was presided over by Yan Xiaolin, the vice president of the company.

The conference officially started after all the participants sang the national anthem March of the Volunteers and read the Eppen Core Value and Behavior Regulation. Next, Ni Ning and other eight people from headquarters and bases at all levels shared their insights and experiences of practicing corporate culture in their work and life from different perspectives. Their understanding and gain, changes and progress in practicing corporate culture brought spiritual feasts to the audience from the aspects of personal and corporate development, core values practice, gratitude to parents, return to the enterprise, the purpose and significance of hard work, etc. The content was close to the source of work in life, shared by feelings and resonated with the audience.

At 15:35, a vigorous and magnificent Mongolian dance added a humanistic element to the whole venue, after that, the recognition of corporate culture practice officially began. In recognition of 55 individual awards, including the Best Pioneer Award, the Stars Award, the Wisdom Star Award, the Bian Que Award, the Charity and Altruism Award, the Ru Zi Niu Award, the Tong Zhou Gong Ji Award (People who are in the same boat help each other), as well as 10 team awards, including the Customer First Award, the Yipin Motor Car Award, and the Coaching Award.

For the team awards, the Amino Acid Sales Dept. 3 of Animal Nutrition Dept. always stands at the front lines of the sales business. They know customer needs, respond and solve customer complains urgently and patiently. They are exemplars of practicing "customer-centered" culture concept of Eppen. For the individual awards, Xu Fan, Jia Junhua and 12 other awardees from different bases and positions, are conscientious and diligent, and interpret their responsibility and loyalty in ordinary posts with persistent spirit and perseverance will, and move everyone around them with their actual actions. Only with their attitude of “serving the company with head bowed like willing ox” can we consolidate the foundation of Eppen's development.

After awarding the mental, the chairman of the board of directors delivered a speech titled "Adhering to the Struggler-Oriented Principle, Building a Happy Enterprise", and put forward the determination and requirements of building a happy enterprise with sharing his own entrepreneurial course. 

First, the chairman clarified what a happy enterprise is and expresses two meanings. One is to meet the happiness needs of employees; the other is to meet the growing happiness needs of employees, that is, to achieve sustainable happiness. He summarized the development process of Eppen and emphasized that the achievement of happiness is realized with step-by-step struggle.

Then, the chairman emphasized that happy enterprises are accompanied with steadfastly struggling. He further emphasized that there is no such thing as free lunch. Happiness is never shouted out or waited for, but struggled with actions. It is up to all the staff of Eppen to struggle with whole heart, the aggressive courage to be the first, and persistent tenacity to achieve. Specifically from the analysis of the purpose and significance of the cause introduces the mission and vision of the enterprise, business vision and concept, while emphasizing that we should bear in mind the three factors of success (thinking mode, enthusiasm and ability) to create a happy enterprise. Thinking mode is the most important factor to determine the results of life and work, and further illustrated this point with cases.

Finally, the chairman stressed that if we want to continue to be happy, we must continue to struggle. As he said, temporary happiness is only a flash in the pan, only sustained struggle can sustain happiness. Because of this, happiness and struggle could never stop! The journey of struggle will never be ended! If we want to build a happy enterprise, we must focus on the construction of enterprise culture. If we want to continue to be happy, then we need to do the work with careful and solid efforts.

The chairman's profound speeches have aroused everyone’s enthusiasm. We believe that as long as we take "As a human being, what is right" as principle, set an example, act in accordance with the words, and practice the corporate culture, a happy enterprise will be achieved!

The conference ended with the chorus of The Power of Endeavour, My Motherland And Me, Ode to the Motherland and enthusiastic interaction of attendees.

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