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The deputy mayor in Chifeng, Wang Xiaodong, visited the Eppen for investigation.


On the afternoon of June 17th, 2019, Wang Xiaodong, deputy mayor of Chifeng, accompanied by Ren Jianhua, deputy director of Yuanbaoshan district and Sui Yufeng, director of the management committee, visited Eppen for investigation. 

This investigation was accompanied by general manager Yan Xiaolin and deputy general manager Wang Jian.

It is the first time that the deputy mayor Wang Xiaodong has visited the economic transformation development pilot area since he worked in Chifeng in May this year.  In order to let the deputy mayor Wang deeply know the Eppen's development and operation, Mr. Yan, in each stage of the Eppen's development process, had made a detailed explanation, When it comes to Eppen's own power plant, deputy mayor Wang paid special attention to the impact of the current power generation and electricity price on the cost of the enterprise, and discussed with Mr. Yan about the Eppen's external power purchase can fight for the national policy. Then, Mr. Yan introduced three major amino acid products in the national and global position in the industry, as well as the current business objectives to deputy mayor Wang, Mr. Wang and other people unanimously praised these achievements.

At the end of the investigation, Wang Xiaodong deputy mayor and general manager Yan Xiaolin shacked hands with thanks, and deputy mayor Wang asked the enterprise whether there are difficulties in development with concern, the government will fully support the high-quality development of private enterprises.