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The Mid-Year 2019 Team Activities and the Summary Commendation Meeting of Marketing/ Supply Chain Were Held Successfully


From July 13 to 14, 2019, the Eppen Mid-Year 2019 Team Activities and the summary commendation meeting of marketing/ supply chain department were held successfully in Senmiao Ecological Park. 25 managers from marketing and supply chain participated. 

A single thread can’t make a cord, nor does a single tree make a forest. In order to enhance team cohesion and cultivate team spirit of enterprising cooperation, at 2p.m. on July 13, the activities began in the Ecological Park. After warming up, all the participants were divided into two teams. Everyone brainstormed and completed the concept and design of their team name, team emblem, team song, as well as the team formation and slogan. And The Blue Flying Team in blue uniform and the Red Star Team in red uniform are formed. 


Under the leadership of the leaders, the two teams successively carried out the games of "Team Show", "Yugong Removing the Mountains", "Fire Hero" and "Team Adventure". Each well-designed game seems to be easy but with many challenges. The game "Yugong Removing Mountains" tests whether the team can achieve effective communication when in trouble. The game "Fire hero" reflects the importance of team goal division and strategy formulation. "Team Adventure" is needed to be finished with higher cooperation ability and mutual understanding of the team members. The half-day team activities not only shows the spirit of perseverance and challenge high goals of the Eppen sales, but also enables us to have a deeper understanding of the three elements of the team, which are goals, division and implementation.


Planting in spring and growing in summer, harvesting in autumn and storing in winter. Now that there is midsummer, the autumn is around the corner. In order to comprehensively summarize the work in the first half of the year and plan schedule for the second half of the year, the mid-year summary meeting of marketing and supply chain was held on time at 9:00 a.m. in the conference room of Senmiao Ecological Park on July 14. 16 departments from Ningxia Eppen Bio-tech Co., LTD., Sichuan Eppen Flavoring Food Co., LTD., and Heilongjiang Eppen Bio-tech Co., LTD. respectively made semi-annual reports. The report mainly focus on the review and outlook of semi-annual performance of each department through the performance and completion of key matters in the first half of the year, the achievement and shortcomings of the work, and schedule for the second half of the year. According to the performance of each department in the first half year, the award of Profit Contribution, Business Strategy, Customer Service, the Progress, and Quality Operation were rewarded to Food Raw Material Sales Dept., Amino Acid Sales Dept. 1, Biological Feed Dept., Sichuan Flavoring Sales Dept. and Supply Chain Purchasing Dept. respectively, in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by above departments in the first half of the year. At the meeting break, we also held a simple birthday ceremony for the colleagues.



Finally, vice president Nie Jianxin made a brief summary of the overall situation for the first half year and put forward three requirements. First, to seize market opportunities to create profits, improve management requirements to reduce costs and ensure long-term sustained cost reduction and efficiency. Second, to reflect on whether to create value for customers at all times, keep "customer-centered" in mind and put it into practice. Third, we should pay attention to team building, strive to improve the team's business ability and professional accomplishment, and avoid being abandoned by the times.


We can do even better. The second half of 2019 has arrived. Faced with the rapidly changing market, let's always keep in mind the company's core values, be fearless and strive for higher goals.